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Autumn is a time of year that nature gives up its production and creates a beautiful palette of celebration before the coming winter.

Catskills, New York, Mountain, Photographer, Photography, Photo, Landscape, View
Barn, Nature, mountains, Windham, Upstate New York, New York, Photography, Photo, Photographer, Landscape, Mountain
Farm, Barn, Photography, Photo, Photographer, Landscape, Mountain, New York, Autumn, Fall, Nature, Seasons
Autumn, Fall, Trees, Leaves, Nature, Photography, Photographer, Photo, Landscape
Barn, Nature, Farm, Tree, Field, Windam, New York, Photo, Photographer, Photography, Mountain
Autumn, Fall, Nature, Catskills, Trees, Mountains, Photo, Photography. Photograher Landscape
Farm, Mountain, Nature, New York, Landscape, Nature, Photoraphy, Photo, Photographer
Claremont Vineyard, Vineyard, Wine, Landscape
Autumn, Fall, Pines, Trees, Mountain, Windham, New York, Nature, Landscape
Catskills, Mountains, New York, Landscape, Nature
Apple Greens Golf, New York, Fall, Autumn, New Patz
Columbia County, New York, Woods, Mountains, Nature, Photography, Photographer
Catlskills, New York, Mountains, Photography, Nature, Landscape
Autumn, Fall, Trees, Landscape, Photography, Photo
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