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Winter in the Catskills presents challenges that are unique to the seasons.  While images are influenced by the weather, especially snow, environmental considerations such as lighting, clouds, and vegetation come into play. Getting on location can be the most significant challenge. The results of this active time of the year are spectacular.

Ski, Windham, New York, Mountain, Snow
South Lake Tahoe, Sunset, Winter, Photographer, Landscape Photo
Mountain, Woods, Windham, New York, Winter, Snow, Photo, Photography, Landscape
Winter, Snow, Windham, New York, Photorapher, Landscape, Photo, Photography
Windham Clock2.jpg
Windham, New York, Snow, Winter, Farmhourse, Farm, Barn, Photographer, Landscape, Photo
Lake Tahoe, Burn Day, Winter, Woods, Photographer, Photo, Photography
Sunset, Landscape, Palm Beach Shores, Florida
Montains, Photography, Nature, Landscape
Ski, Windham, Mountain, Snow, Winter
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